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VEToga Teacher Training Program

VETOGA’s mission is to provide yoga, meditation, and healing arts to military, veterans, their families, and communities. We accomplish this by holding FREE monthly yoga classes that help veterans build sustainable communities.

VEToga - Teacher Training (video)VETOGA will be hosting two 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs in 2017 that are specifically for military, veterans, family members and care givers to become yoga instructors. This teacher training will equip the trainees with the holistic tools and teachings to continue to pass on the healing benefits of yoga back to their veteran communities.

Registered Yoga School - RYS 200 - Yoga AllianceThis is where you come in! We need your help to raise funds that will allow for the teacher training to be zero cost to the veterans. They have given up enough of their lives in service to us and now we have an opportunity to serve them back.

The funds raised will pay for 20-30 Military and Veterans to attend the VETOGA teacher training and the following:

  • Tuition cost of the VETOGA 200 hour teacher training program
  • Books and materials required for the teacher training program
  • Yoga Mats and props for each teacher trainee during the training
  • Assistance with travel and lodging cost for those veterans traveling
  • Rental space of the yoga studio
  • Food and nourishment during the training
Some of the topics covered in this course include:
  • Bandhas, Kleshas, Kriyas, Koshas, Chakras and Nadis
  • Ayurveda and a Yogic Diet with guidance under a certified Ayurveda practitioner
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga through reading and discussion on classical yoga texts
  • Techniques for the teaching of asana, pranayama, and meditation and yoga Nidra
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and anatomy in yoga postures
  • Posture alignment, assists, and adjustments
  • Voice coaching and training
  • Teaching methodologies and sequencing
  • Use of props and variations for physical limitations
  • Yogic lifestyle and ethics as a teacher
  • Business of yoga
  • Karma Yoga and creating community
Prerequisites for this course:
  • At least 6 months of continuous yoga practice
  • Ability to be physically present for 10 training days
  • A positive attitude
  • Completed application below for review and acceptance
  • Proof of military service (current orders or DD214)

532Yoga and the American Legion Post 24 will host this teacher training’s this year located in Alexandria Virginia.  The facility is the Ball Room at Post 24 which offers a beautiful training space in Historic Old Town Alexandria. Get Directions

Course Dates:

FALL Training’s:

Training #1: November 2 – 12, 2017

Training #2: December 7 – 17, 2017

Cost Options for All Veterans:
  • All military or veterans attending the training will be required to start a $2500 fundraising goal page to raise funds for their training and VETOGA.
  • The training is FREE for military, veterans and their families, but we encourage fundraising to show a level of commitment and to also use more of the overall funds to sponsor those less fortunes financially.
Cost/Payment Options for All Non-Veterans:

$3000 Regular registration (payment in full before day one of the training)

Additional cost to Non-Veterans for course books, materials, lodging and meals during training times. Required reading list sent w/acceptance of application.  Payment may be made via cash, check, or PayPal.  If paying via PayPal, use email justin@vetoga.org and select “make a payment to friends/family”.

Course Teachers:

The VETOGA Yoga Teacher Training is guided by lead instructors: Justin Blazejewski and Brittanie DeChino, Gabrielle Sulc, Aqeel Yaseen, Melody Abella, Thierry Chiapello and assisted by teacher training staff of veterans and experts for sections in Ayurveda, anatomy and philosophy.


VETOGA Teaching Staff

VEToga - class

Justin Blazejewski (E-RYT 500)
Lead Instructor (USMC)

Brittanie Dechino (E-RYT 500)
Senior TT Instructor

Gabrielle Sulc  (E-RYT 500)
Senior TT  Instructor

View All Active Instructors

Aqeel Yaseen (E-RYT 500)
Lead Instructor

Cyndi L. Tran (E-RYT 500)
Ayurveda Instructor

Thierry Chiapello (RYT 500)
TT Instructor (USMC)

Melissa Hurt (RYT 200)
Voice Coach

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