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October 16, 2017 @ Trio Grill (Falls Church, VA)

VEToga Annual Gala 2017 - Here to Flow
Annual Gala 2017
Trio Grill + Eye Eaters Society + lululemon are inviting you to an exclusively curated dining experience to support the mission of VETOGA. Come hungry to be inspired by our veterans’ stories of healing and transformation through yoga. Black attire required. Valet will be provided.
View photos from the event:  Gala 2017

Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 10:00am
Van Metre Homes43045 Van Metre Drive
Ashburn, VA 20148
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A weekend training-intensive for teachers who are interested in working with at-risk or traumatized populations, including those who are incarcerated.
Kath Meadows, Director of Women Prisoner Initiatives at PYP, and Whitney Ingram, PYP Ambassador will lead the training, drawing on 8 years of experience teaching yoga to men and women behind bars.
This training will explore Prison Yoga Project’s evidence-based, gender-informed approach to adapting yoga for those impacted by trauma, with a special focus on teaching in prisons and detention centers.
The 15-hour (Yoga Alliance Approved) training will include:
~An introduction to the physiology of trauma
~Instruction in specific trauma-informed asana, pranayama and meditation practices that have been proven effective with prisoners
~How to work in the unique socio-cultural environment of a prison
~Special considerations for teaching in a gender restricted environment
~Strategies for establishing yoga programs in detention facilities
~An exploration of the principles of Restorative Justice as practiced through yoga and meditation
The cost of this training has been underwritten by a generous donor so every registrant will receive $150 discount on the training fee of $375.
Contact: Kristyn Burr (RYT 200) Founder: SEVA Prison Yoga –

532 Yoga Events

Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at 2:00pm
532Yoga532 N Washington St Ste 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Experience deeper levels of peace and health than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest and restore. We will start the first hour practicing Yin Yoga, explaining this yoga style then practice. Yin is a grounding practice that supports your physical and mental body. Special awareness is brought to the connective tissues and joints. Includes long holds; 3 to 5 minutes on the floor. The last hour we will lay back and listen to both the teacher (Paige Lichens) and Live Harp Music (Kara Welch). Be supported, held, and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health.
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® has the power to transform you at core levels. This guided meditation guides you through each layer of being, called the Koshas, which include the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers; making this healing practice inclusive of your whole being.

Who is this for?

Practice is for anyone with a desire for greater inner peace and connection to one’s self. No yoga experience is required. Modifications and alterations will be provided. The Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra practice has been used to successfully aid insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, pain and adapting to travel & time zones, and other issues and changes.

About the instructor and harp player:

Paige Lichens, Washingtonian Native and been teaching Yoga and Meditation for over 8+ years. Certified and licensed to lead Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® and is also a 500 E-RYT Kripalu Yoga & Meditation teacher. for more.

Kara Welch has been playing harp since 2006. She performs professionally at cafes, graduations, galas, and more everywhere from Arizona to Jamaica specializing in classical, jazz, celtic, and healing music. Kara is currently studying with the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) at George Washington University Hospital to become a therapeutic musician in her new home base of Washington, DC. Please contact her at for more information on bookings and events

Cost: $30 before 10/25, $45 thereafter

**Come to the Myofascial Release Yoga workshop and receive a special pricing for this workshop of $25!**

**CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: We regret that there are no refunds for missed or cancelled reservations
Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at 2:00pm
532Yoga532 N Washington St Ste 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
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The Women’s Self Defense Seminar is a two and a half hour seminar where we teach
participants how to keep themselves safe in several situations where women are
usually targeted by attackers. Techniques covered include (but are not
limited to):
Situational awareness;
Forming safer habits;
Escape techniques;
Self defense equipment and use of non-lethal weapons; and
Establishing control of an attacker.

IMAC staff draws its combined experience from martial arts, executive protection,
security and self defense to teach the participants how to avoid being a victim.
We spend some time drilling each of the techniques so that the participants get
a chance to perform them repeatedly under the supervision of trained coaches.
Participants have a chance to direct the flow of the seminar during a segment
where they can ask questions about specific situations.

There is an increasing number of women who have chosen to carry non-lethal small arms
and self defense implements. Our partner, Damsel in Defense, is on hand to
showcase the latest in their line of non-lethal self defense tools such as stun
guns, pepper spray, keychain kubotans and other personal and home security
products. Some of these tools can fit on a keychain, some can fit in your
pocket. This practice is great for peace of mind. However, the effective use of
these tools requires instruction; and the techniques require repetition in order
to become effective in a high stress situation. The IMAC team dedicates a
segment of the seminar to teach the participants how to use all of the available

Small actions can change a would-be attacker's perception of a person; from "easy
target" to "red flag." Safety and self defense does not always mean reacting
when the attacker engages. Often, the attack itself can simply be warded off by
a quick glance or by not walking the same path on a regular basis from the car
to the front door. If the attack does happen, knowing how to stop the attacker
can be a life-saver.

For instance: Women who run on dedicated trails are more likely to be targeted by an
attacker who can easily hide in a low visibility, low traffic area. We cover
simple methods to:

Raise situational awareness;
Simple checks when approaching an unfamiliar area

How to avoid forming predictable habits
What types of areas to avoid
Warning signs to look for in an approaching stranger

Change the odds of becoming a victim once you are approached;
How to show an attacker that you are not an easy target
Things to avoid when interacting with a stranger
How to position yourself in case you need to flee

Gain control of an attacker once they engage.
Escape techniques
How to cause effective physical damage to an attacker
Small weapons use

Whether in the home, at work, in private or in public, no one needs to be a victim. We
recognize that a real attack is a life and death situation, and that anything
can happen. What we aim to do is arm women with some knowledge to tip the scales
in their favor. For more information, please contact us at

Cost: $55
Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at 7:00pm
532Yoga532 N Washington St Ste 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Join us at 532Yoga for a evening of music, wine, and good company!
Snacks will also be provided, including raw, no sugar candy courtesy of RICHbars local business.

Live music by Mack MacKenzie of 'Three O'Clock Train' a Dark/Alt-Country band from Canada!

The band's music was used for the soundtrack to the 1987 National Film Board drama film Train of Dreams, and they were one of the first bands to perform a live session on the CBC Stereo program Brave New Waves. Check out Mack's talent:

Cost: $25

In the mid 80s, just before “new” country began populating the FM airwaves, a string of edgier alt-country bands including Three O’Clock Train began popping up throughout Canada – a sort of underground twang.
Formed in Montreal in May 1984, Three O’Clock Train was best described as Dark Country, born of film noire and punk rock angst. They released their debut 1986 EP “WIG WAM BEACH” Followed by their critically acclaimed 1987 LP “MUSCLE IN” to raving reviews. Fans and critics alike acclaimed both recordings. John Griffin, writing in the Montreal Gazette, "What makes Three O'Clock Train different is that Mack MacKenzie writes songs like he has to."

The Montreal Mirror's Chris Yurkiw recently referred to Mack as, "perhaps one of the best songwriters this city has produced." The release of 1991 CD/Cassette “IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH, IT TAKES A TRAIN TO CRY” were all backed up by their legendary live appearances. Two brothers with whisky-river harmonies. Three O'Clock Train performed throughout Canada and the Eastern US to enthusiastic acclaim, always leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to have witnessed their impassioned live performances.
Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at 12:00am
400 Courthouse Sq, Alexandria, VA 22314-5700, United States
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We are delighted to be teaching Yoga for the American College of Nutrition’s 58th Annual Conference, which will be
held at the Westin, Alexandria.

Le Nguyen will teach each morning’s yoga 7-8am
November 8-10

American College of Nutrition 58th Annual Conference

Disrupting Cancer: The Role of Personalized Nutrition

The science is clear: nutrition is the single most important determinant of health and a strong influencer of cancer expression. Emerging research indicates that cancer is not simply a binary hereditary disease, but a complex chronic condition occurring along a spectrum of immune and metabolic function with many factors impacting risk, onset and severity. The personalized nutrition paradigm is poised to disrupt both the narrative of cancer and the methodologies we employ in its treatment and prevention.

If you are interested in attending the conference, please find below the link to details:
Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 2:00pm
532Yoga532 N Washington St Ste 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Explore the rejuvenating techniques of myofascial release (MFR)

In combination with active & passive forms of yoga (Yang/Yin), MFR will re balance your body as we stretch, roll and release using balls, blocks and your own body weight.

Relieve tension, tightness, stress, and even pain.
Learn how this unique practice can move energy and release fascia - MFR is a great way to target specific body parts where stress and tension is stored.

This is a special introductory 1 hour workshop designed to teach you a few tools to decrease muscle soreness & combat the wear & tear on the body of the modern lifestyle.

No yoga experience is required. Special pricing!

Paige Lichens ( E-RYT 500 Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Teacher, who has also completed a 65 hour Yin Yoga training that focused on MFR with Jo Phee. She has been teaching for the past 8.5 years and practicing for over 20 years.

Cost: $10

Past Events

August 6, 2016 @ Vetoga Gala 2016 (Alexandria, VA)

VETOGA GALA - August 6, 2016 @ John Strongbow's (Alexandria, VA)
First Annual VETOGA Freedom Gala
August 6, 2016 @ John Strongbow’s Taven (Alexandria, VA)
Address – 710 King St, Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Purchase Tickets –
Charity Event – Hosted by VETOGA, to benefit military & veterans yoga instructor training
RSVP or Share on Facebook – VETOGALA
Download Gala 2016 flyer: View PDF
Auction form donations: View PDF

Come celebrate at our first annual Freedom Gala on Sunday, August 6th at John Strongbow’s in Alexandria, VA. Dinner, drinks, bands and a silent auction all night. This special charity event will directly benefit our military and veterans program: training new Yoga Instructors that will bring the healing benefits of yoga back to their communities. $25 general admission. $50 tickets include the Gourmet Food Buffet, 2 drinks and live music. Vegan options available. Casual dress. Space and tickets are limited: purchase tickets online or call 703-329-3075. Starts at 4pm and goes until the bar closes. Share the event on Facebook, see you there!  Get more details here.

July 1-15, 2016 @ Fundraiser for #VETOGANATION

A Call to Action - #VETOGANATION
A Call to Action – #VETOGANATION
July 1 – July 15 :
Public Fundraiser – Hosted by VETOGA
Join the event on Facebook – #VETOGANATION
Download flyer to print: View PDF

Help raise funds for a Veteran to become a Yoga instructor in their community. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to pay for 20 veterans to attend the 2016 VETOGA Teacher Training. Offer a donation-based Yoga or Fitness class in the month of July at your local yoga studio or gym with a goal of raising $250-500. All donations from classes can be applied at: To participate, contact Justin: Justin (at) | Send a MessageWe will send you all the material and details you will need to teach the class. Thanks in advance for all your support!

May 7, 2016 @ Vida Fitness at the Yard (Washington, DC)

Mindful of the Military Day - May 7, 2016
Mindful of the Military Day
Yoga Workshop – May 7, 2016 @ Vida Fitness at the Yard
Free to the public – bring a friend!
Donations gratefully accepted
Download flyer: View PDF

May 28-30, 2016 @ Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA)

Mindful Memorial Day - May 28-30, 2016
Mindful Memorial Day 2016
A Living Memorial – May 28-30, 2016 @ Arlington National Cemetery
The Women in Military Service Memorial, at the gates of the National Cemetery
Address: 2 Memorial Avenue, Arlington, VA 22202
Saturday/Sunday, 8am – 5pm. Monday, 8am – 3pm
To join the team + learn more:
Download flyer: View PDF

January 7 – 10, 2016 @ SVA’s National Conference (Orlando, FL)

SVA's 8th Annual National Conference - January 7-10, 2016 in Orlando, FL
SVA’s 8th Annual National Conference
The largest conference for America’s Student Veterans
January 7-10, 2016 in Orlando, Florida


September 26, 2015 @ Down One Bourbon Bar (Louisville, KY)

VEToga Event - September 26, 2015
Venue info: Down One Bourbon Bar
View event details: PDF Flyer
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